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Amethyst Ember Crystal Candles are a great way to enhance and enjoy the energy in your space.

They are adorned with crystals, reiki-infused, clean burning, phthalate-free and eco-friendly. 

You can light these luxurious candles to enhance your meditation or yoga practice, whenever you need a moment of relaxation and peace or any time you feel like you need energy clearing.  We are proud to provide luxury, eco-friendly candles of the highest quality.

Enjoy a beautiful surprise when you light these candles.  A crystal is hidden inside every candle.



Our Reiki infused Honeybee Crystal Candle combines the fruity notes of peach, apricot, and cherry with sweet notes of honey, and caramel and a light hint of grated cinnamon.


To say "Thank you" to Mother Earth for the beeswax she provides for our candles, with the purchase of this candle, $1.00 is donated to help save the honey bees.

You also receive a honeybee charm to "adopt" as your reminder of the good you have contributed to help save the honey bees through your purchase and a packet of wildflower seeds to help feed our bee friends.



Chakras are powerful spiritual energy points of power along our bodies. 


Each chakras corresponds to specific nerve bundles and organs in your body.  When one or more of your chakras becomes blocked or unbalanced, it's thought to have an impact on your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.  When Chakras are balanced, they allow our bodies to run at optimal levels and bring peace to our lives.


There are 7 main Chakras and we have a candle to help balance each of them.  



The five elements theory proposes that everything in nature is made up of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit.


Understanding the theory behind these five elements of nature can help you to understand the laws of nature and to use this knowledge to achieve greater health and happiness.

Each element also corresponds with specific zodiac signs.
Find out which one is yours.


Fern leaf

Eco-Friendly + Sustainable

We are proud to offer luxury candles of the highest quality.  


From ethically sourced crystals to one tree planted per purchase to saving the honeybees, we have taken our commitment to Earth seriously and created a candle with so much value to offer.  


When you shop at Amethyst Ember, your purchase truly makes a difference.



Holly, CEO of Amethyst Ember, is a Reiki Master & Advanced Certified Crystal Practitioner.  Head over to our blog to read her teachings on crystals, pagan holidays, folklore, chakras, energy work, spiritual tips and more.

Antonella, Oshawa, ON

"I love love love these candles and the cute crystal surprise are always so beautiful. The packaging the scents everything gives the perfect ambiance whether your meditating relaxing in the bath or just for beautiful decor around the house. Can’t wait to order more!"

Jessica, Toronto, ON

"I absolutely adore these candles. They smell absolutely gorgeous and they are perfectly made. I love how some have a surprise crystal inside with different healing properties. I am currently building my collection and can't wait to get more! You won't be disappointed. These are the best candles!"

Katrina, Bowmanville, ON

“I am a huge fan of these candles. I have all of the Chakra and Elements. I have given many as gifts and everyone I share these with love them too. My favourite aspect of these candles is that they are eco friendly. Holly spends hours researching the best ingredients to use.  Five Stars”

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