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Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!

While many consider this day to be unlucky, many Pagans consider this day to be extremely lucky and powerful.

Here are a few reasons why this day is considered lucky for Pagans.

In numerology, the number 12 represents completeness. It is connected to the twelve hours of the clock and the twelve months of the year.

The number 13 is often referred to as the number of change and is constantly at odds with 12 - trying to undo the completeness.

While change can be frightening for many people when times are going well, Pagans are always moving with the flow.

We understand that change is inevitable and fighting against it can make bad situations even worse. Going with the flow and accepting change allows you to be in control of your emotions and handle change with a level head, which can help you to see the blessings in the bad situations that arise. Just like waves in the ocean, change is constantly moving us forward.

This is one of the reasons why 13 is a positive number for Pagans and Friday was a day where you could receive blessings and gifts from the Gods.

Both Friday and 13 paired together was considered an extremely lucky and blessed day.

In some Pagan teachings, 13 was considered to be the last stage of life, symbolizing the afterlife.

There are 13 moons in one year and 13 is also is linked to the perfect number for a witches coven.

Norse Mythology tells a story of witches of the north gathering under the dark moon near the entrance to Valhalla. One moonless Friday night, Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, (the name Friday comes from Freya’s name) came through the doorway and appeared before the gathering. Freya had two sacred black cats which were a gift from Thor.

Taking note there were only 12 witches present, Freya gave them one of her sacred cats to complete a full witches’ coven of 13.

With all of the positive associations with the number 13 and Friday from pagan practices, its easy to see how they began to be vilified by non-pagan cultures.

As certain religions spread, the old pagan ways were denounced and the concepts held by pagans became linked to negativity and evil.

If a pagan concept couldn’t be converted into a religious practice, then it was defamed and cursed.

The number thirteen and Friday are good examples of this.

So, Happy Friday the 13th. I hope today is filled with luck and blessings for you.

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