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Moon Water

One of the simplest and magical things to make is Moon Water.

What is Moon Water?

Simply put, it is water that has been cleansed and charged by the moon.

You can use moon water in a variety of ways.

Pouring a cup in your bath helps to cleanse your energy.

You can pour it into a spray bottle and spritz your home, alter, door and windows to bring in positivity and blessings.

You can even pour a cup in your laundry to purify the energy from your clothing.

Or, you can simply drink it and enjoy the energy benefits it brings.

How do you make Moon Water?

Fill a glass or metal container with water and leave it outside or in a windowsil with direct moonlight.

Remove the container before the sun can shine on it.

You can also add the crystals from your Crystal Candles to your moon water to enhance it. (Please do your research and make sure the crystal you place in your water is safe and non-toxic. Also remove the crystal BEFORE drinking your moon water). I like to place a crystal ON TOP of my jar instead of in the water. This way it is safe to drink without any risk of contamination from a crystal.

And most importantly, you want to choose the moon phase for your moon water. Each phase gives different benefits.

Here are the magical properties for each moon phase:

New Moon Water: the water will contain properties of new opportunities, cleansing, renewal and rebirth.

Waxing Moon Water: the water will contain properties of growth, expansion, love, friendship, and success.

Full Moon Water: This water helps all of your intentions manifest. It is also useful for divination, energy cleansing and amplifying rituals.

Waning Moon Water: This water will help you to releasing things from your life like bad habits and toxic relationships.

Which moon phase will your next batch of moon water be charged under?

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