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Let's get into some science!

Did you know, clear quartz is used in watches?

Clear Quartz is an excellent oscillator.


Because of the Piezoelectric effect.

Piezoelectricity is a property exhibited by crystals in which energy is generated when pressure is applied to it. When you strike or apply pressure to a quartz crystal, you put stress on its chemical bonds, causing energy to be omitted (usually in the form of light or sparks).

This is one of the reasons that crystals make excellent healing tools. It shows that they are able to receive, amplify and transmit energy.

Inside a watch, electricity is applied to a quartz crystal and if the precise amount of electricity is applied, based on the size of the quartz crystal being used, it will cause the crystal to oscillate and create wave-like patterns at a very specific frequency.

This is how you achieve the steady rhythm of a quartz crystal keeping time.

Crystals have much more to them than just metaphysical beliefs. Check out the video below to see the piezoelectric effect in action.

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