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Awaken your chakras with our complete Chakra Candle Collection.  This set contains seven Reiki Infused Crystal Candles - one for each Chakra.

Amethyst Ember Chakra Candles are adorned in crystals that correspond with each chakra as well as contain a chakra engraved stone hidden inside.

They are scented to be in tune with the particular chakra they represent.


    • set of seven 8oz chakra candles
    • seven trees planted with every purchase of this set
    • Reiki Infused by a Reiki Master
    • energy enhancing crystals
    • Chakra engraved stones hidden inside
    • recyclable jars & packaging
    • premium wooden wicks
    • handmade & hand poured
    • made in Canada
    • cruelty free
    • coconut beeswax wax blend
    • premium phthalate-free fragrance oils

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