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Do I remove my crystal before burning my candle?

Please remove all crystals and decorations before burning your candle.  As the wax melts, the crystal may sink - causing the wax level to rise and possibly extinguish your wick.  Some crystals can also be damaged by a flame.  By removing any crystals and decorations before burning, you can avoid wick drowning issues as well as, keep your crystal from becoming damaged and completely covered in wax.

If I remove my crystal before burning, will I still receive the intended energy when my candle is lit?

Absolutely!  Not only is your candle charged with Reiki energy for you to receive, but every candle also has a hidden crystal inside of the wax.  This means, even though you have removed the top crystal, there is still a smaller crystal hidden inside your candle that will provide you with the intended energy you wish to receive.  Please remember to remove your hidden crystal before your wax burns down to 1" in height.  A candle should never be burned right to the bottom.  As the flame reaches the bottom of the jar, temperatures soar.  A crystal can increase heat temperatures in the jar, which could lead to the jar cracking or shattering.  Remove your hidden crystal and scoop the remaining wax out into a warmer to enjoy the scent without risk.

Will the flame hurt my crystal?

Most crystals are generally safe with heat, however there are some exceptions.  Some crystals can experience discolouration and if exposed directly to the flame can become damaged.  For safety reasons, the protection of your crystal, and the life of your candle, any crystals or decorations on top of your candle need to be removed before burning.

Why don't you use essential oils in your candles?

Essential oils are meant to be distilled in cold water or applied topically when mixed with a carrier oil.  At heated temperatures, some essential oils can become toxic while fragrance oils have been specifically formulated and tested to work safely at high temperature levels.

Amethyst Ember candles have eliminated many possible health and environmental issues to provide you with the highest quality luxury candles.

How do I clean the wax off of my crystal?

A warm cloth or a quick dip in hot water will help to soften the wax so it can be polished off - but don't leave them in water for too long, some crystals can damage in water.  Alternatively, a blowdryer on low heat can also soften the wax for easy cleaning.

There are specks in my candle wax.  Why?

Remember that crystals are Earth-made.  This means they are formed in the ground and mined so that we can enjoy them and their benefits.  Although each crystal is cleaned before being placed in a candle, some crystals can still have hidden debris.  Sometimes this debris will be pushed out by the hot wax when your crystal is being secured to your candle.  This has no effect on the performance of your candle and typically is only noticeable when the wax is melted.  When your candle wax is cool, the debris will not be seen.

What do I do with those little crystal chips?

Those little crystal chips on the tops of the candles look so pretty, but what do you do with them after you're finished with your candle?


These little chips have a few great uses.


They are great for infusing essential oils.  Simply place them in a roll-on bottle and allow the crystals to add their specific energy to your aromatherapy blend.


You can also add them to little vials to create wish jars or even place them in a bowl for decoration.

What is reiki?

"Rei" means "spiritual force" or "intelligence" and "ki" means "life force/energy".  Reiki therefore, is "spiritually guided life force energy intelligence".

All life forms vibrate with this energy.  A reiki healer is one who has been initiated into the high-frequency reiki energy by the process of an attunement from a Reiki Master.

When one is attuned, he or she is able to tap into a limitless divine source of life-force energy.  Reiki is channeled as soon as the healer places their hands on someone, an object or conducts a distance reiki session.

Reiki is safe, simple and profound in its effects.

How does a reiki infused candle work?

According to the ancient principal called the Hermetic Law of Similarity, we are all connected as we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole.

Energy is not limited by distance and with the proper practitioner attunement, the practitioner can invoke this principal to channel reiki.

Your candle is charged with loving and healing reiki energy by a Reiki Master with intentions for your highest good and for the energy to be channeled to you as you burn your candle.

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