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Moon Magic

Let's talk about the moon today.

The Fission Theory states that it is believed the moon is actually part of Earth.

It is believed that in the early years of the solar system, Earth collided with a small planet and split in two. Earth spun off on a tilt and our tilt is one of the factors that has allowed us to grow life on this planet and gives us seasons.

The moon and earth have a strong connection.

The Moon's gravitational pull effects the water on our planet, causing high tides and low tides.

The human body is around 75% water so it is believed that the Moon greatly effects us as well.

It is believed that you can harness the power of the moon by performing moon meditations or by simply setting an intention under the proper moon phase.

Moon Phases:

New Moon

Waxing crescent

Waxing gibbous

Full moon

Waning gibbous

Waning crescent

The new moon is when the moon is directly between earth and the sun. The entire Moon's surface is dark and ready to begin it's cycle.

This is a time for new beginnings and when positive energy is at it's highest. This is a time to set intentions for the future and begin new projects.

A waxing moon is when the light on the moon's surface is "growing". You begin to see a crescent shape that increases as the nights progress. Under a waxing moon you want to set an intention and focus on things you want more of in your life or you want to grow. For example, money, love, health.

The Full moon is an opportunity to cleanse your mind and emotions. You can harness the lunar energy and meditate underneath the moonlight. You can set the intention that you are letting go of any negativity or emotional blockages. Some choose to journal any negative emotions or experiences on paper and then tear up or burn the paper to release it.

Moonstone is a great crystal for healing emotions and can be found in our Moon Goddess candle.

A waning moon is when the light on the moon's surface begins to "shrink". Under this moon you want to set an intention and focus on things you want less of or to shrink. For example, debt or even starting a new diet or exercise habit or weight loss is a goal. You clearly still have to put in effort and discipline with a weight loss goal but an intention under a waning moon can help to keep your energy focused on the goal. This moon is also great for releasing what no longer works for you and tie up loose ends.

You can easily see which phase the moon is in each night by downloading a "phases of the moon" app on your phone.

Happy Moon Meditating

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